Oaxacan Coloradito Mole

Known as the land of Seven Moles, Oaxaca, Mexico is colourful, vibrant, energetic and friendly. These characteristics come through in this Mole Coloradito discovered at the AbastMarket in Oaxaca de Juarez. The familia Rojas’ Coloradito mole is a complex blend of chiles, spices, fruits, nuts & seeds and sweetened with plantains and chocolate.

Oaxacan Moles are complexly layered and made with a myriad of ingredients to form a richly flavoured sauce. Families take great pride in their moles which are shared at festive occasions such as Dia de Muertos or wedding celebrations.

The most familiar version of Oaxcan mole is the rich mole Negro, which is characteristcally dark and sweetened with chocolate. Foodscout’s Oaxacan Mole Coloradito is uniquely sweetened with plantains which allows for bright flavours and the explosion of Ancho Rojo and Guajillo chiles to come through.

This Coloradito mole is meant to be the star of the dish rather than complementary. Serve It with roast chicken, pork or veggies. Make sure you have a side of rice, or even better some warm corn tortillas to soak up every last drop of mole on your plate.

Food suggestions:
Simmer water, veg or chicken stock, add mole and stir until it’s as thick as you would like to serve as a sauce alongside a protein such as chicken, pork or roasted vegetable. Or use as a rub on fish, chicken or pork.
Intermediate: Saute onions until soft, to golden. Add to a blender with a can of diced fire roasted tomatoes & blend until smooth. Return to a pan and add XXX g of mole powder to dissolve and simmer. Put your own spin on the dish by adding peanut butter, tahini, extra chile powder to taste.

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Ancho Rojo Chili, Guajillo Chili, Sesame, Plantain, Peanuts, Almonds, Thyme, Oregano, Biscuits, Bread, Chocolate, Raisins, Garlic, Onion, Salt

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