We are Creators, Builders, Tinkerers, Inventors, Collaborators, Fixers and Mavericks!

We Love Food! We love learning about food, we love sourcing food, we love playing with our food and most of all, we love sharing our love for food with others. After a lifetime of working in the food service, manufacturing and retailing industry our passion for being kitchen warriors with the zest for travel led us to create: Foodscout.

If you, like us, have spent any time exploring the world of curated food trends it’s easy to be fooled into believing that delicious is difficult to achieve. But we’ve grown to understand that the simplest dishes, can be the best we’ve ever tasted.  Especially when you have access to products that focus on flavour.

Foodscout was born out of our passion, curiosity and excitement for all things flavourful. We love the little imperfections in our small-batch artisanal products. These imperfections tell the story of our journey. Life is about surprise and delight and we hope that you rediscover little, every day excitements, when you incorporate our products into your kitchen.


About Us: 

You already know us, perhaps you’re even like us. We’re the friends you turn to when you’re having difficulty finding that obscure ingredient for that special dish you’re making later this week. We’re the people you ask when you’re looking for eating recommendations while travelling.  A map to the places off the beaten track, the ones down the side street where you feel like you’ve been invited into someone’s home.

We are focused on expanding our palates with food that is truly flavourful. We do this by travelling the world in search of unique food experiences, and returning with suitcases full of food treasures we can’t wait to use creatively at home.

It’s our passion for food that brought us together to form Foodscout – an online specialty food retailer based in Canada with the aspiration to bring what we love to eat to you. Foodscout’s goal is to source quality and authentic ingredients from around the globe, test them in our kitchens and if we love them, we’ll share our flavourful finds with you.

We know it’s impossible to replicate peak food experiences, like that magical time at the secluded beach hut in Thailand eating the cook’s special curry. The memory of the salty breeze as you ate barefoot in the sand. The aroma of pungent herbs and something pleasantly funky just before your first spoonful. The perfect balance of salt, sweet, sour and spicy with ingredients your mind was working in overtime to discern...  While it’s hard to recreate those experiences exactly, we are committed to offering items that are approachable for all levels of cooks that will transport you somewhere amazing. We won’t promise it will taste exactly the same, but we are confident it will be satisfyingly delicious.

Our Mission

We know that while many people share our passion for food, not everyone has the time to devote to sourcing exceptional ingredients. We will do the work and offer the best tasting products with a focus on healthy and clean eating.  We also want our food to be accessible to everyone, meaning we will provide tips and suggestions on how we love to use each of our offerings.

Foodscout aims to be your trusted source for premium food products that appeals to top chefs and new cooks alike. With Foodscout items in your kitchen, your time is better spent successfully sharing your flavourful culinary creations with your family and friends.

Our Promise

(Why you should shop with Foodscout)

  • We're proudly Canadian! We know how hard it is to get food over the border, let alone have to deal with the unwanted surprises of customs, duties, taxes and shipping. Everything you see at checkout is what you have to pay. No hidden fees, no surprises!
  • All the food you receive will be fresh. We will NEVER send you expired or near expiring products.
  • We are PCI DSS compliant which means we meet all the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standards. All of your payments and data are safe with us.
  • We WILL NOT share your data with ANY third-party marketer. We appreciate that you trust us enough to share your personal information with us and we will not break that trust!

We look forward to always exceeding your expectations!

The Foodscout Team